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    • Agricultural Polycarbonate Greenhouse
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      Agricultural Polycarbonate Greenhouse

      Agricultural Polycarbonate Greenhouse There are some things to make sure before the greenhouse building: 1) What are the sizes (length, width) of the greenhouse that you would like? (To make sure the size and number of the spans and bays.) 2) What is the greenhouse used for? (To make sure the...
    • Vitreous Garden Greenhouse
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      Vitreous Garden Greenhouse

      Hydroponic Vegetable Crop Greenhouse Commercial Hydroponics Trays for Multi Span Agricultural Greenhouses Terrestrial plants may be grown with their roots in the mineral solution only, or in an inert medium, such as perlite or gravel. The nutrients in hydroponics can be from fish waste, normal...
    • Hydroponic Vegetable Crop Greenhouse
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      Hydroponic Vegetable Crop Greenhouse

      Greenhouse PVC Cover Material Feature 1.Color:white transparent 2.Thickness: 80, 100, 120, 180(micron) etc... 3.Light transmittance:more than 80% 4.UV stabilization: more than 3 years 5.Warp sense:710 N/5cm;zonal:450N/5cm 6.Width: 2m-12m or as customer’s requirement 7.length:30m,50m,100m,or as...
    • Greenhouse PVC Cover Material
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      Greenhouse PVC Cover Material

      Hot Galvanizing Greenhouse Seedbed Mesh wire Hot dip galvanized steel ,excellent anti-corrosion performance , suitable for hot and high humidity greenhouse. No welding point exposed outside , loading capacity 50kg / ㎡. Outside frame Reinforce alloy frame, not afraid of water or mud , excellent...
    • AC and DC Greenhouse Gear Motor
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      AC and DC Greenhouse Gear Motor

      Intelligent Greenhouse Ventilation System Intelligent Greenhouse Ventilation System include Computer Control System,Ventilation System,Cooling Pad System,Air Circulation System,Sunshade System and Interlacing Ventilation Systems. Greenhouse Ventilation Ventilation is perhaps the most important...
    • Agricultural Greenhouse Hydroponic Growing Tube PVC Tube For Water Growing
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      Agricultural Greenhouse Hydroponic Growing Tube PVC Tube For Water Growing

      agricultural greenhouse hydroponic growing tube|PVC tube for water growing
    • Farmland Automate Rainmaking Equipment|100 Hektare Farmland Rainmaking|Mechanized Water-saving Sprinkler
    • Hot Galvanizing Greenhouse Seedbed
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      Hot Galvanizing Greenhouse Seedbed

      Automation Greenhouse Shading System Aluminet Shade Cloth Aluminet - the next step in shade cloth Aluminet is a highly reflective, metalized HDPE knitted screen covered with a special anti-oxidation coating. Aluminet provides maximum radiation reflection on both sides, night & day. It can...
    • Intelligentized Greenhouse Ventilation System
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      Intelligentized Greenhouse Ventilation System

      Green Color Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Pad Green Color Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Pad is specially designed for Greenhouse. Green Color Greenhouse Evaporative Cooling Pad is made from Imported Paper Pulp and has strong water absorbency and perfect evaporative efficiency to keep the...
    • Automation Greenhouse Shading System
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      Automation Greenhouse Shading System

      Greenhouse Heater Oil(Gas)-Burning air heater (50-300 thousand calories) produced by our company is developed with great concentration by our scientists and engineers which is made of height-temperature endurable cast-steel pipe and boiler plate. The machine can be heated twice, with features of...
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