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  • Full Automatic Poultry Equipment for Poultry Farm
    Jul 03, 2018

    Full Automatic Poultry Equipment for Poultry Farm Product Description

    Poultry Farm House are Generally Composed of:

    1) Main feeding system

    2) Feed pan system
    3) Nipple drinking system
    4) Ventilation system
    5) Curtain for cooling pad
    5) Environmental control system
    6) Lighting system
    7) Spraying system

    1. Automatic Poultry Equipment Main feeding system
    This system delivers feed from the silo to the hopper in the poultry house. There is one feed sensor at the end of main feed line which control the motor on and off automatical to release automatic delivery.
    2. Feed pan system
    This system deliver feed automatically through motor under the control of feed sensor, which ensure birds feeding during whole growing period.
    3. Automatic Poultry Equipment Nipple drinking system
    This system can provide fresh and clean water for poultry which is crucial for the growth of poultry. The drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking easier.
    4. Ventilation system
    This system controls climate conditions, fresh air, humidity and temperature in poultry shed, it is vital for growing birds. This system include Poultry house fan, Cooling pad, Air inlet window.
    5. Curtain for cooling pad
    Evaporative cooling pad system works in the condition of negative pressure, the cooling pad is installed on one side of the wall, fan installed other side. Air flow through cooling pads, the water evaporation absorbs a lot amount of heat.
    The height of cooling pad is 1.5-2.2m; length about 3m, the area of cooling pad in chicken house is about 6-8 times than the fans.
    6. Environmental control system
    This system saves the labor and the resources under the condition of assuring the optimum growth environment of the chickens. It is imported from Israel can set an optimum working mode according to the local climate and raising environment.
    7. Automatic Poultry Equipment Spraying system
    This system effectively cools, humidifies, dedusts and disinfects the henhouse(the temerature is quickly reduced by 3-8 degrees centigrade within a few minutes).
    Material List for prefab metal steel structure chicken house/poultry house:

    Foundation Anchor bolts Canopysteel frame + steel sheet
    ColumnH section steelRoof claddingEPS sandwich panel
    Tubular pillar  PU sandwich panel
    Lattice columnRockwool sandwich panel
    Cross columnCorrugated steel sheet
    Box columnSkylight panel
    BeamH section steelVentilator
    Lattice beam Wall claddingEPS sandwich panel
    Pipe truss   PU sandwich panel
    Space frameRockwool sandwich panel
    Roof purlinC section steelCorrugated steel sheet
    Z section steel MezzanineDecking floor
    Wall purlin C section steel  Checkered steel plate
    Tie barSteel pipes InsulationFiber glass wool
    Roof bracingAngle steelFastenersHigh strength bolts
    Steel pipes  Common bolts
    Column bracingAngle steelExpansion bolts
    Steel pipes AccessoriesFlashing 
    Pulling strapSteel round bar  Trim
    SleevesSteel pipesGutter
    Knee bracingAngle steelDown pipe

    Full Automatic Poultry Equipment for Poultry Farm.jpg