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    May 21, 2018

    It is advisable to go beyond the frozen layer, and the basic design of the greenhouse is based on the geological structure and local climate conditions in the cold regions, where the soil is crisp and the area is relatively deep. The greenhouses that cannot be produced throughout the year are deeper than the greenhouses that are produced throughout the year. The foundations filled with rubble or river stones are to be added with 2030 cm thick ground beams. The walls above the ground beams are to be masonry and walls are to be insulated. Insulation sandwich filled with benzene board, perlite and other insulation materials. The expansion of the wall beyond the 70-meter extension is recommended. The rear wall of the greenhouse should be provided with ventilation windows for ventilation in winter, depending on the nature of the greenhouse. Rainbow greenhouse wall masonry to build a pre-embedded parts before arching, for arch installation when used. The height of the greenhouse wall depends on the span of the greenhouse. Generally, a height of 2.5 meters behind the back wall of the greenhouse is 8 meters. The height of the back wall of 7.5 meters across the greenhouse is 2.3 meters.