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    May 21, 2018

    With the continuous progress of society, the traditional mode of agricultural production can no longer meet the needs of the development of modern civilization. New types of facility agriculture are sought after by people in the industry. The so-called agricultural equipment is actually a greenhouse facility. It is not limited by time and space and can be used for agricultural production in special environments such as the plateau, mountains and deserts.

    China is a big agricultural country. Farmers account for more than half of the total population. The space for agricultural innovation and application is infinite. The agricultural equipment industry has gone from behind the scenes to the stage. Looking at the domestic greenhouse shed industry, the large and medium-sized enterprises are uneven, and the quality of the greenhouse projects that are on the ground is naturally quite different.

    In order to enable organizations interested in developing facility agriculture to better select greenhouse service providers, a systematic survey of the greenhouse industry was conducted. The quality control of greenhouse projects was mainly divided into material control, technical control, construction control, and after-sales control. Four aspects.

    As the source of greenhouse project engineering, materials must be related to the quality of good projects. For example, the steel components used in the greenhouse project are used for derusting high-quality steel products. After the hot-dip plating in a professional galvanizing plant, the quality inspection department conducts inspections. After passing the inspection, it will be shipped to the construction site for use.