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  • How to Build a Poultry House in Modern Farming
    Jul 17, 2018

    How To Build A Poultry House in modern farming

    FarmKeys is a big company specialized in steel structure project from 1996. We are the biggest supplier of Shandong china ,we are supplier of the united nations in Africa.

    We have exported our product to more than 75 countries and regions. We have built  for our Australia, South Africa, Congo, Angola etc. There are more than 100 engineers in our company, so we can offer one-stop service. We have sent our engineers to many countries to guide the construction.
    We are trustworthy and we will give you a surprice

     We can supply A type layer chicken equipment chicken shed  the follow system for chicken farm:
    1. Automatic pan feeding system
    2. Nipple drinking system 
    4. Ventilation system 
    5. Cooling pad system 
    6. Heating system 
    7. Environment control system and auto collected egg system 

      our steel structure poultry house . cloesd system and high quality .galvanized steel structure 

    Cage TypeTireDiamension/UnitStock Density/Unit
    H Type Cage3 Tires2400*1600*2130mm 216 layers
    H Type Cage4/5 Tires2400*1600*2720mm 260/300 layers

    1. How To Build A Poultry House in modern farming  Automatic Pan Feeding System 

    The pan feeding system for broilers is solid and reliable through the application of high quality materials and components. Easy access for birds from day one to grow out.
    2. How To Build A Poultry House in modern farming  Nipple Drinking System
    Nipple Drinking System providing flesh and clean water for birds,which is very vital to let the birds 
    have a good growing performance.Meanwhile,nipple drinking system can make the poultry house 
    environment better.The nipple drinking system has been become the necessary equipment for stander poultry feeding. 
     3. How To Build A Poultry House in modern farming  Main Feed line System
    When feed fill up base hopper, then it is transferred to the feeders by delivery system.
    The base hopper with qualities of large capacity, scientific design,firm structure, low cost, and with long life span
    4. How To Build A Poultry House in modern farming  Ventilation System
    This system controls climate conditions,fresh air,humidity and temperature in poultry shed,it's vital for growing birds. This system include poultry house fan, air inlet window.
    5. How To Build A Poultry House in modern farming  Cooling Pad System
    (1)Thickness specification: 100mm,150mm
    (2)Width and Heightspecification:as requirement 
    (3)Outer frame: galvanized sheet and aluminum alloy, rust prevention treatment
    (4Aluminum alloy frame: high strength, good corrosion resistance, even water distribution, compact structure, beautiful and practical.
     6.How To Build A Poultry House in modern farming  Heating system 
    Special designing of heat preservation to ensure the lowest heat loss. Heat efficiency amounts to 80%-90% ,warming up fast, small volume, easy setting,high Reliability, low price.
     7. How To Build A Poultry House in modern farming  Environment Control System
    Based on the windows 2000 of the automatic environmental Monitoring Network System of poultry house. 
    You can easily achieve centralized monitoring of environmental conditions within a certain range.
    and easy control auto collected egg system .
    we can offer  making food equipment and slughter equipment and steel structure poultry house , help you design land .turnkey project .

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