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    May 21, 2018

    (1) Install a drip irrigation system to ensure that the control area of each section of the main control does not exceed half an acre. At the same time, the ground contact with each hose is smooth to ensure smooth water circulation;

    (2) The hole in the drip irrigation belt is usually laid upwards and covered with a plastic film. If it is not covered with a plastic film, the drip irrigation belt hole can be laid down;

    (3) When using clean water sources, there should not be more than 0.8 mm of suspended solids in the water, otherwise a net-type filter should be added to purify the water. It is usually not filtered when using tap water and well water;

    (d) Beware of scratching, pricking drip tapes or supervisors during installation and field operations;

    (5) After fertilization, water should be kept for a period of time to prevent the accumulation of chemical substances in the orifices to block the orifices;

    (6) To prevent the accumulation of impurities such as sediment in the pipe and cause blockage, one by one, let go of the drip irrigation belt and the tail of the main pipe and increase the flow rate;

    (7) Store the equipment in a cool place after it is replaced.

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