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  • Transparency of greenhouses
    May 21, 2018

    The greenhouse is a light building, so the light transmittance is one of the most basic indicators to evaluate the light transmission performance of greenhouses. Transmittance refers to the percentage of the amount of sunlight that penetrates the greenhouse and the amount of outdoor lighting. The light transmittance of greenhouses is affected by the light transmission properties of greenhouse light-transmitting materials and the shadow rate of greenhouse skeletons. With the different solar radiation angles in different seasons, the light transmittance of greenhouses also changes at any time. The light transmittance of greenhouses has become a direct factor in the growth of crops and the selection of crop varieties. In general, the number of connected plastic greenhouses is between 50% and 60%, the transmittance of glass greenhouses is between 60% and 70%, and sunlight greenhouses can reach over 70%.