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  • Exhaust Fan Classification
    May 21, 2018

    Press the inlet and outlet

    Exhaust fan is divided into wall type by inlet and exhaust ports (both sides of the wall hole are free space, from one side to the other side of the wall), duct exhaust type (side from the free space Gas, on the other side through the duct exhaust), duct intake type (one side through the duct inlet, and the other side to the free space exhaust), full-conductivity type (the exhaust fan is placed on both sides of the duct, through the duct Intake and exhaust). According to the air flow, it is divided into centrifugal type (air enters from the direction parallel to the rotation axis, and discharges perpendicular to the axis), axial flow (air enters from the direction parallel to the rotation axis, still discharges parallel to the axis), and cross flow Formula (air inlet and outlet are perpendicular to the axis).

    Divided by ventilation

    Exhaust fan ventilation mode, discharge type, and three types of use. The discharge type enters the air from the natural air inlet, exhausts the dirty air through the exhaust fan; the suction type sucks fresh air through the ventilation fan and discharges the dirty air from the natural exhaust port; and the use type is that the suction and the exhaust are completed by the ventilation fan.

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