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  • Exhaust Fan Operation
    May 21, 2018

    When the exhaust fan is used for a long time or after a long time, some motor malfunction may occur, which greatly affects people's use of the exhaust fan. This is obviously not anything that the exhaust fan company is happy to see. The author will analyze why this happened. I hope to be helpful.

    When a worker installs an exhaust fan, it is important to note that a good mounting orientation is important to see which part is most suitable for installation in order to maximize its effectiveness. When installing, it is important to note that each part is tightly mounted. Make sure that the exhaust fan runs normally.

    The use environment of the exhaust fan is generally used in some occasions where low noise and high static pressure are needed to achieve an air circulation effect. Different exhaust fans have different size specifications. Users must select the appropriate exhaust fan according to their actual situation when choosing. It is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the exhaust fan is very important to determine its service life.