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  • Exhaust Fan Type
    May 21, 2018

    There are many kinds of exhaust fans. We need to select the most suitable ventilation cooling equipment based on the air volume and static pressure. Calculate the required power, taking into account the use of the motor for this purpose, it is best to leave room for 20-25%.

    When two blowers are operated in parallel, A is the sum of air at equal pressure points. Therefore, the characteristic curve of parallel operation can be obtained by plotting the respective wait curves of FanA and FanB.

    Because the operating point of the blower is the intersection of the resistance curve and the characteristic curve, the airflow is large when the resistance curve is not found. When the resistance curve changes, the amount of wind does not increase substantially. However, in any case, the parallel operation of the two blowers cannot achieve the sum of their capabilities. Therefore, if it is really necessary to operate the two machines in parallel, a thicker pipe needs to be redesigned, and the resistance curve must reach the sum of its air volume.