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  • Exhaust Fan Ventilation Principle
    May 21, 2018

    The process of exhausting air from the exhaust fan will cause the indoor air pressure to drop, and the indoor air will become lean, forming a negative pressure zone. The air is compensated for flow into the room due to the air pressure difference. In the practical application of industrial plants, the exhaust fans are usually installed on one side of the plant, and the air intake is on the other side of the power house. Air is formed by convection air from the air inlet to the exhaust fan. During this process, the doors and windows near the exhaust fan are kept closed, forcing air to flow into the workshop from the intake side windows and doors. The air is queuing in an orderly manner and flows into the workshop from the air inlet. It flows through the workshop and is discharged by the exhaust fan. Complete and efficient ventilation, the ventilation rate can be as high as 99%. Through specific engineering design, design of ventilation speed and wind speed according to need, any high-heat, harmful gas, and dust fumes can be rapidly discharged from the workshop, and any poor ventilation problems can be completely resolved at once. Ventilation can be achieved within a few seconds of turning on the fan.