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  • Gutter Connected Film Greenhouse for Seeding/Planting
    Oct 25, 2018
    Gutter Connected Film Greenhouse for Seeding/Planting Basic Info
    • Model NO.: BS-FGH-167

    • Size: Large

    • Greenhouse Layer: Single

    • Transport Package: Nude Pack

    • Origin: Qingdao, China(Mainland)

    • Type: Production Greenhouse

    • Greenhouse Cover Material: Film

    • Specification: hot galvanized steel, poly film covered

    • HS Code: 9406900090

    Gutter Connected Film Greenhouse for Seeding/Planting Product Description
    Gutter Connected Film Greenhouse for Seeding/planting

    1.1 Greenhouse overall statement
    Greenhouse span 8m, totally 13spans, total length 104m;
    bay 4m, totally 12bays,total width 48m. Greenhouse total area 4,992m2.
    Main frame uses hot galvanized pipes and profiles, both roof and all is covered by Israel's longevity plastic film; External sunshade system; Electrical film rolling windows on each side of every arch roof and all around the greenhouse except the southern side;  Pad-fan cooling system; Power distribution box.
    Independent foundation, the height of brick wall is 0.2m.

    1.2 Performance index:
    1)wind load:0.4KN/m2            4)hanging load:15Kg/m2
    2)snow load:0.25KN/m2          5)electrical parameter:220/380V,50HZ
    3)drainage ability:140mm/h                                

    1.3 specification and dimension:
    Gutter height: 4 m, Ridge height:6.6m, Top height 7m,  Length 104m,Width: 48m.
    Total area:4,992m2.

    1.4 Gutter Connected Film Greenhouse for Seeding/Planting Main steel frame:
    Main steel frame uses hot galvanized pipes and profiles, the life span will be over 20years.
     All frame parts (including small fittings and accessories) are manufactured standard and industrially, this improves the standardization degree of the greenhouse, also makes the greenhouse easily installed, the overall structural stability is greatly enhanced.
    All frame parts are connected by anti-corrosion bolts and self-drilling screws.
    1) Corner columns useφ88×2.5 hot galvanized circular tubes,side columns useφ88×2.5 hot galvanized circular tubes, bay 4m.
    2)Inside columns use φ88×2.5 hot galvanized circular tubes
    3) Arched girder system uses hot galvanized circular tubes.
    arch bar size:φ47*2.0(2m between two arch bar);
    Lower chord size:φ41*2.0;
    Web member size:φ32*2.
    4)The gutter uses 2.0mm thickness hot galvanized cold bending formed steel plate;The dew collector uses 0.75mm thickness hot galvanized cold bending formed steel plate.
    5) The fittings use hot galvanized stamping formed steel plate;
    6) Greenhouse door: the door will be set in the middle of both eastern and western sides of the greenhouse,door size: 4m×3m(w*h), materials: film and circular tube. Qty: 2 sets.

    1.5 Greenhouse covering materials:
    All the walls and roofs will be covered by Israel's longevity Plastic film.

    1.6 External sunshade system.
    1.6. Working principle
    Electric control: press the start button, the motor starts and drives the gear to roll, then the rack moves in the south-north direction in parallel to fold and unfold the sunshade net which is fastened to the profiled bar that is perpendicular to the rack, after the sunshade net totally unfold, it touches the lead limit switch, then the motor stops to end the run.
    The control box has manual mode, if it has to stop in the middle of the run, just press thestop button. 

    1.6.2 Basic composition of the external sunshade system
     A. Two sets gear motors, gear and rack, drive shaft, roller, push rod, lead limit switch, net bracing string, black sunshade net.
     B. Technical parameters:
    1) travel distance:4.0m;      2)travel speed:0.29m/min;
    3) travel time:15.5min;  4) power source:380V/50Hz;
    5) motor capacity:0.55KW;  

    1.6.3 External sunshade frame
    External sunshade frame:  hot galvanized rectangular tubes are used as columns and beams in both south and north side of the greenhouse,φ47*2 galvanized tubes and fittings are combined as net rack in the middle, corner column size:60mm×40mm×2mm,beam size: 80mm*60mm*2mm. The entire external sunshade system is reliable and beautiful.
    C. net bracing string
    Domestic black poly string, 0.4m between two strings.
    D. Control box
    The control box can realize the folding and unfolding of the sunshade net by automatic control (stop by lead limit switch) or annual control (stop by pressing stop button).
    E. Sunshade net
    Color: black, rate of shading: 90%, reliable quality

    1.7 Greenhouse ventilation system

        One set electrical rolling film skylight will be set on the each side of every arch roof, width: 1.5m, length: 48m, totally 13 sets. 2 set electric rolling film windows will be set on both eastern and western sides, totally 4sets; two sets electric rolling film widows will be set on the northern side behind the wet curtain. The electric rolling film window includes film roller, drive shaft and anti-insect net.

    1.8 Greenhouse drainage system
    The greenhouse uses gutter to drain, φ110PVC water down pipe and adapting pieces, totally 28 sets.

    Gutter Connected Film Greenhouse for Seeding/Planting