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  • Poultry Breeding Equipment Evaporative Cooling Pad for Poultry Farm
    Oct 12, 2018

    Poultry Breeding Equipment Evaporative Cooling Pad for Poultry Farm Basic Info

    Model NO.: QDSH-005

    Blade Type: Curved Teeth

    Evaporative Cooling Pad Computerized: Computerized

    Certification: UL, QS, GMP, ISO9001:2008, CE

    Evaporative Cooling Pad Condition: New

    Evaporative Cooling Pad Size: 1.66*0.15*15m

    Frame: Aluminium Alloy

    Transport Package: Packed in Cartons

    Evaporative Cooling Pad Specification: T:100mm,150mm W:300mm, 600mm H:1500mm, 1800mm,2000

    Origin: China

    HS Code: 84362900

    Poultry Breeding Equipment Evaporative Cooling Pad for Poultry Farm Product Description

    The full set automatic poultry equipment is assembled by below parts:

    1. Main feeding line system
    2. Broiler pan feeding line system
    3. Nipple drinking line system
    4. Ventilation& environment control system
    5. Heating system

    1. Evaporative Cooling Pad Main feeding line system
          In the main feeding line system the feed is transferred from the silo to the hopper in chicken house by auger. There is a feed sensor at the end of the main feed line which control of open and close of the motor to realize the automatic feeding.

    Silo ModelVolumeNumber of LayersHeight (exclusive of foundation)Material
    QDSHS-014.4 m3, 2.8T14.1 mGalvanized sheet
    QDSHS-026.8 m3, 4.4T25 mGalvanized sheet
    QDSHS-039.2 m3, 5.9T35.9 mGalvanized sheet
    QDSHS-0411.7 m3, 7T14.7 mGalvanized sheet
    QDSHS-0516.9 m3, 10T25.6 mGalvanized sheet
    QDSHS-0622.1 m3, 13T36.5 mGalvanized sheet
    QDSHS-0724.5 m3, 16T15.8 mGalvanized sheet
    QDSHS-0834 m3, 22T26.7 mGalvanized sheet
    QDSHS-0943 m3, 28T37.6 mGalvanized sheet
    Poultry Breeding Equipment Evaporative Cooling Pad for Poultry Farm Material description: 
    1.    Silo roof plate and silo wall plate layer-galvanized sheets with the thickness of 1.2mm, second layer of silo wall plate-galvanized sheet with the thickness of 1.5mm.  
    2.    Conical bottom plate-galvanized sheet with the thickness of 1.5mm, silo column- hot dip galvanizing on the surface: No. 10 channel steel, support-φ 3.6mm, 8 supports/silo.

    2. Pan feeding line system
         In the pan feeding system the feed sensor control the motor to open and close to realize the automatic feeding. The system consists of hopper, motor, feed pipe and auger.

    Pan feeder1. By sliding shutter can adjust feed amount from complete open to complete close.
    2. Pan plate can be disassembled on the ground working as chick feed pan for 0-7 days old chicken.
    3. V-pan plate design can reduce feed storage at pan bottom. Bird can have fresh feed every day. This design can also prevent bird from staying on the plate too long.
    4. Motor: power 0.75KW voltage:380V.
    HopperCapacity: 100L, raw material is hot galvanized steel, coat 120g/ m2
    AugerImported from South Africa, feed capacity is 450kg/h.
    Delivery pipe4 pans/3m, diameter: ?45mm


    3. Nipple drinking line system
         In modern poultry production, nipple drinkers have been proven to be a reliable and hygienic solution for the supply of water. It is consisted by water front parts, drinking system, hanging system, regulator and water line end parts . 

    Nipple shellMade of high-quality engineering plastic, and the valve rod inside is made of high-quality stainless steel.
    Valve stemCan rotate freely at 360 degree to meet bird water demand of different period
    Hanging systemIt is easy to adjust the height and the levelness by the winch and the adjustable strip
    StructureDouble-decked seal structure can effectively avoid wasting water and the resulting impact on the environment humidity.
    Feeding capacitybroiler: 8-12 birds /nipple, birds in cage: 12 birds/nipple, breeder: 10 birds/nipple
    Dosing deviceFlow rate: 10 L / h - 2.5 m3/h
    Working pressure :0.3bar-6bar
    Dosing rate: 0.02L / h - 50 L/ h
    Maximum working temperature: 40oC
    Adjustment ratio: 0.2% to 2%(1:500-1:50)
    Connecting size: external thread G3/4

    Water Level Display Height:

    Chicken Age (days)1-7days8-14daysMore than 15 days
    Water Level Height of display Tube (mm)50-80mm80-200mm200-350mm


    4. Ventilation& environment control system
    a.   This system is of great importance for a chicken house, which is used for providing a most suitable growing environment for chicken. 
    b.   The system consists of below parts: air inlet, exhaust fan, cooling pad, spraying system and panel door.
    c.   Cooling pad and exhaust fan combination is the most economical and effective method to lower the temperature in summer.

    Excellent value service we provide
    1. Poultry house site selection.
    2. Poultry house design and construction, supply steel structure material.
    3. Poultry equipment installation.
    4. Free technical guidance and good after-sale service.

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