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  • Prefabricated Building Poultry Chicken House for Farm
    Jul 21, 2018

    Prefabricated Building Poultry Chicken House for Farm Basic Info

    Model NO.: FKHouse

    Certification: ISO9001:2008, CE

    Poultry House Build Condition: New

    Material: Steel, Q345 Q235 H Section Steel, C/Z Section Stee

    Roof&Wall Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet or Sandwich Panels

    Installation: Engineer Helps Instruct Installation

    Drawing Design: Autocad, 3D3s, etc..

    Poultry House Build Technology: Welded Steel, Hot Rolled Steel

    Purlin: C-Section and Z-Section

    Column and Purlin: Welded H-Section and Hot Rolled I-Section

    Origin: China

    Prefabricated Building Poultry Chicken House for Farm Product Description


    Product Information

    Steel structure is made from organized combination of structural steel members designed to carry loads and provide adequate rigidity. The members of the steel structures are made of steel and are joined by welding, riveting or bolting. These structures are reliable and require less material than other types of structures due to the high strength of steel which are distinguished by the diversity of their shapes and their architectural expressiveness.


    Steel Structure Application Fields:

    We cater for every market from warehouses, workshops to 4S car exhibition centers, shopping mall, aircraft hangers, poultry & pig sheds, container houses, agricultural & commercial buildings and so on.


    1. Cost savings: be inexpensive to manufacture, requires less maintenance than other traditional building methods. Moreover, 98% of all steel structure can be recycled into new steel products without reducing physical properties.

    2.Quick erection: steel structures can be erected quickly. The accuracy of steel components speeds up the process and allows monitoring on the management software to complete sooner.

    3. Health and safety: Structural Steel is manufactured at the factory and rapid erection on the construction site by skilled personnel making steel structure safe. Industry surveys consistently demonstrate that steel structure is the safest solution. There is very little noise and dust in the process of steel structure erection because structural steel members are fabricated at the factory.

    4. Flexibility: Can be modified in the future for new application, loading conditions, vertical expansions and changes in owner's desires in ways that other framing systems can not accomplish.

    Main parts of the steel structures and technical parameters:

    Main Steel Frame System

    Main structure

    H section steel Q345, alkyd painting, two primary painting, two finish painting.

    Roof purlin

    XZ160*60*20*2.5, galvanized

    Wall purlin

    XZ160*60*20*2.5, galvanized

    Intensive bolt

    Grade 10.9

    Turn buckle bolt

    M20+2, steel Q235, processing

    Anchor bolt

    M24, steel Q235, processing

    Ordinary bolt

    Galvanized bolt M20

    Ordinary bolt

    Galvanized bolt M12

    Brace nut

    Galvanized bolt M12

    Bracing System

    Cross brace

    Φ20 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)

    Angle brace

    L50*5 angle steel Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)

    Column bracing

    Φ25 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)

    Tie bar

    Φ127*3 steel pipe Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)

    Batter brace

    Φ32*2.5, Φ12 round steel bar Q235, process and painted (alkyd painting)

    Wall & Roof System

    Roof panel

    Corrugated steel plate or sandwich panel (EPS/fiber glass/rock wool/PU)

    Wall panel 

    Corrugated steel plate or sandwich panel (EPS/fiber glass/rock wool/PU)

    Edge cover

    0.4mm color plate, angle Alu.

    Fittings & accessories

    Nails, glue etc.

    Unpowered ventilator

    Diameter Φ600, stainless steel

    Sky lighting band

    1.2mm FRP, double layer

    Sliding door

    sandwich panel door

    Roof drainage system


    0.8mm color steel plate

    Rainspout pipes

    Φ160 PVC pipe

    Prefabricated Building Poultry Chicken House for Farm.jpg