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  • Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cages

    Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cages
    Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cages.easy operation.robotization cages system.egg efficient.
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    Automatic Egg Chicken Layer Cages Professional Manufacturer

    Product Description:

    Measures for raising egg production rate of chickens using Chicken layer cage

    1. Feeds that provide comprehensive nutrition The modern chicken breeds have a high nutritional demand. To make full use of their egg production potential, we must provide a comprehensive, balanced, and stable diet. If incomplete nutrition or imbalance of nutrition will increase feed consumption, affect the performance of laying hens, and even disease.

    2. The selection of good breeder breeder chickens with high production performance is a prerequisite for ensuring that the chickens have higher egg production. They should choose to breed high-yield and purely matched layer chickens such as Roman and Issa. Hyland et al.

    3. To ensure that the health of chickens disease-free To maintain a higher egg production, we must ensure that the chicken health and disease-free. Once a disease occurs in chickens, the egg production will inevitably decrease. Therefore, prevention and control of epidemics must be carried out. Regular monitoring of Newcastle disease virus antibodies and timely immunization prevention; timely isolation and treatment of diseased chickens.

    4. To provide appropriate environmental conditions Environmental conditions directly affect the chicken's egg production, should try to create a suitable living environment for chickens, so that the summer temperature in the chicken house is controlled below 28 °C, winter control in more than 5 °C . Cool in winter and cool in summer, well ventilated.

    layer cage for chicken

    Chicken layer cage

    5. Cultivating healthy and qualified broiler chickens The quality of broiler chickens directly affects the production of laying hens during the egg production period.

    The biggest advantage of chicken layer cage is that they effectively increase egg production to 98%. They also make it very easy to handle chicken waste (especially manure) and to reduce transmission of diseases.

    Design your automate feeding farm, please contact me.

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